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Meet Our Gamification Guruu: Jorge Andrés Martínez

By Simon 3 months ago

Jorge Andrés Martínez is a gamification expert, game designer and creative coach. He’s pleased to join the Guruumee team to advise users about game design as well as offer assistance with creative projects and start-ups.

The Guruumee App - Progress So Far

By Simon 3 months ago

The Guruumee team has been working tirelessly to bring you a brand new learning experience. Our new app is not far off launch, and we wanted to share some our progress so far.

Meet Our Dementia Care Guruu: Hilary Wellington

By Simon 3 months ago

Hilary Wellington is our Dementia Care Guruu, and wants to support people in caring for someone with dementia so that both can live well. She has over 30 years' professional experience of working with people with dementia and their carers, and has managed day care facilities and established carers' support services.

Welcome to Our New Charity Partner Home Start Nottingham

By Simon 5 months ago

Guruume is very pleased to welcome its newest charity partner Home Start Nottingham. Home Start began in Leicester and has supported parents with young children (under 5) across the country for over 40 years. It has grown to more than 200 independent schemes across the UK. The organisation offers support to families experiencing difficulties, whatever their situation or circumstances. Home Start Nottingham was set up in 1978 in the city.

6 months ago

Meet Our Business Development Guruu: Mark Eydman

By Simon 7 months ago

Mark Eydman is our Business Development Guruu, and he’s pleased to help Guruumee users achieve their business goals by helping to better engage their customers and encourage brand loyalty.

Meet Our Online Marketing Guruu: Debbie Clarke!

By Simon 7 months ago

Debbie Clarke is our Online Marketing Guruu. She’s happy to join our roster of helpful experts, as she loves helping new people and supporting their businesses to be a success!

Meet Our Organising and Declutter Guruu: Mona Kay

By Simon 8 months ago

Mona Kay, aka The Organising Ninja (TON), is our Organising and Decluttering Guruu. She’s pleased to lend a hand to help Guruumee users live a clutter-free life - mentally or physically - and teach them simple methods of planning and decision making.

Welcome Our Newest Partner Charity: Green’s Windmill

By Simon 8 months ago

Our newest partner charity is Green’s Windmill, which was built in 1807 by the father of prolific mathematical physicist George Green. The windmill is one of the most iconic attractions in Nottingham, and can be seen far and wide from across the city. The site of the mill is a science centre that teaches children about the famed scientist’s findings, as he developed physics formulas and theorems that are still used to this day.

By Simon 8 months ago

Meet Our Speech and Presentation Guruu: Anne Abba

By Simon 8 months ago

If you are starting out in your career, then sounding professional and confident is an essential skill. Anne Abba is a speech and presentation consultant and traine who has worked with a wide variety of professionals at all stages in their careers. Every one of them has seen an immediate improvement in the voice, found a more powerful way to present themselves and learnt a variety of techniques to overcome the fear of speaking.

Welcome Our Travel Blogging Guruu: Andy Mossack

By Simon 9 months ago

Andy is an award-winning travel writer and broadcaster, who has over 20 years of experience. You’ll probably recognize him from his BBC radio program “Where in the World is Andy?” He has also appeared on BBC Breakfast TV, BBC 5 Live, Talk Sport and Up All Night. Another fantastic venture of his includes, a site that provides reviews of high-end destinations from respected travel writers.

Meet Our Dating Dating Guruu: James Preece

By Simon 9 months ago

James Preece is the UK's leading Dating Expert and Dating Coach. Working in the industry for over a decade, he has worked in various fields, including personal dating coaching, online dating, singles events, matchmaking and consulting for many dating companies. As an experienced relationship expert, James has helped tens of thousands of people find love, build confidence and improve their relationships.

Visiting Our First Partner Charity: Nottinghamshire Hospice

By Simon 9 months ago

This week, we visited Nottinghamshire Hospice, the first partner charity for Guruumee. The organisation provides terminal patients with a high standard of end-of-life care, providing them with comfort, fun and support during a difficult time. These services also extend to their carers, who are also in need of some rest and relaxation.

Meet Our Life Coaching Guruu: Sandra Swan!

By Simon 9 months ago

Sandra Swan is a leading life coach with over 15 years of experience in helping people to find more satisfying and meaningful careers. In 2000, she was one of the first 300 people in the UK to become certified as a life coach, and has worked with thousands of people in various career fields. As an NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) practitioner, Sandra keeps her skills up to date and relevant through continuous personal and professional development.

Meet The Guruus: Dan Haines

By Simon 10 months ago

Read about our latest mentor to join Guruumee. Dan Haines is here to help you better manage your teams.

The Importance of Mentors in the Learning Process

By Simon 10 months ago

Teacher/student is a natural relationship. Even though there are plenty of useful learning tools on the internet, this particular experience isn’t available online yet. Guruumee Founder Simon talks about filling that void.

Meet The Guruus: Andy Creasey

By Simon 10 months ago

Find out more about one of our photography guruus, Andy Creasey, and how he bring your skills into focus.

Meet The Guruus: Pete Anderson

By Simon 10 months ago

Meet our Meditation, mindfulness and yoga Guruu, Pete Anderson. We're thrilled to have him on board, helping users lead happier, more peaceful and more fulfilling lives.

Group Dynamics: The Shortcut to Change

By Simon 10 months ago

We explore the value of group learning, a key component of the Guruumee app. If you’re in a group of people, you never want to be the odd one out. So, without even realising it, you adopt similar behaviour to the other people in your group. When you apply this concept to learning, that’s when the magic happens. You want to do what everyone else is doing in order to achieve a particular objective. You eventually find that you adopt similar behaviour to get you to where you want to be.

The Development Process: The Right Man for the Job

By Simon 10 months ago

This is a huge project that you would normally expect to see developed by a team of coders, but GuruuMee is trusting just one person with this task: Quinn, our ace developer. He’s confident that he can conquer this task on his own, and he’s sure that he can do so in a timelier and more effective manner than a development team. He’s just that good.

Charity: At The Heart of the GuruuMee Framework

By Simon 10 months ago

At GuruuMee, we want charity to be a part of our DNA, woven into the framework of the app so the satisfaction of doing good follows users every step of the way. That’s why a portion of all transactions will be donated to various good causes that aim to better people’s lives.

here we go

By Simon 1 year ago

Here we go, here is the first guruumee post lets get reading to see what it is all about!